To enhance your dishes taste, choose IDEALE, the salt-based condiment with a 75% sodium reduction: Leave the traditional salt without renouncing to taste. Leave prehistory


The natural patented process of IDEALE reduces sodium content, compared to traditional salt, up to 75% less. A great innovation that allows you to make a wellness choice without giving up taste.


IDEALE is the only salt-based condiment that does not alter in any way the taste of traditional salt, unlike other salts currently available on the market which reduce the amount of sodium to the detriment of taste.


The World Health Organization and the Ministry of Health recommend 5 g of salt (2 g of sodium) as the daily limit: IDEALE allows you not to exceed the recommended limits, without giving up taste.

Forget about sacrifices, depriving and tasteless recipes: IDEALE is the low sodium seasoning that allows you to eat in complete freedom, without sacrificing the taste and flavor of salt. Salt serenely, choose IDEALE in the format you prefer: spray, liquid, coarse or fine.


120 ml

Ideal with salads and as “flavor enhancer”

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250 ml

Ideal for cooking

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500 gr

Ideal for traditional use

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500 gr

Ideal for traditional use

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Leave prehistory.

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