• Where is IDEALE sold?

    IDEALE is on sale in most innovative shops. To find your nearest retailer, drop us an e-mail so we can send you the latest news.

  • Why is too much salt/sodium harmful? Should I worry?

    At a chemical level salt is defined sodium chloride. Salt isn't harmful, sodium is, and salt contains about 40% of it. Sodium contributes to the increase in blood pressure (hypertension) which increases the dangers related to heart disease and the circulatory system.

  • Is the amount of sodium intake associated with age?

    Even at a young age, it is important to control the sodium intake because although the disorders don't seem to show right away, an unbalanced diet could severely endanger anyone's health

  • My blood pressure is normal. Why should I control my salt intake?

    Blood pressure tends to rise with age, never the less, it is important to keep it under control starting at a young age and a reduced intake of sodium is the first step to take.

  • Which is the fair amount of sodium/salt for a correct and healthy diet?

    For an adult, the WHO suggests no more than 0.07 oz (2 g) daily which are 0.18 (5 g) of salt. Unfortunately, in Italy today, the individual average salt intake is over 0.35 oz (10 g) per day which correspond to 0.14 oz (4 g) of sodium, twice the advised amount.

  • Isn't natural sea salt healthy?

    Sea salt, like all other types of salt available on our tables (Whole salt, Himalaya salt, etc.) contains the same amount of sodium thus represents the same problem of all types of salt.

  • What is Iodine? Is it harmful or not?

    Iodine is an essential micro-nutrient for our organism because it regulates the correct functioning of the thyroid. Iodine is so important that the Italian Ministry of Health recommends the use of iodine enriched salt, known as “iodized salt”.

  • Is IDEALE iodized?

    it depends on the market where IDEALE products are sold because each country has different laws. For example, in Italy IDEALE is iodized, instead in U.S.A. is not. Write us if you want info about your market.

  • How do I know how much salt I am eating?

    It is not so easy: we must consider that it is not only the salt we add to our food but also the salt contained in what we eat (readymade soups, cheese, bread and desserts contain salt!).

  • Therefore, how can I reduce my sodium intake?

    Besides always using IDEALE products, be careful with what you eat and always carefully read the contents labels.

  • Why can IDEALE products help me?

    IDEALE maintains all the taste properties of the Italian salt from which it is obtained but reducing the sodium by 50% in the solid format (Fine and Coarse) and by 75% in the liquid format (Liquid and Spray).

  • IDEALE is salt?

    For the Italian legislation, salt is a product which contains at least 97% sodium chloride. Therefore, according to Italian law, IDEALE which is obtained from Italian salt but contains up to 75% less sodium, is defined a salt-based condiment. Yesterday you used salt, from today use IDEALE.

  • IDEALE contains gluten?


  • IDEALE can be used for cooking?

    IDEALE with its' complete and versatile range of products, (Coarse, Fine, Liquid and Spray) is your ally in the kitchen. It is absolutely normal to use the diverse formats in different occasions: for example, water for pasta can be salted with IDEALE coarse then, for who likes very salty food, you can enhance the taste by using the Spray directly on the plate.

  • IDEALE tastes like normal salt?

    IDEALE maintains unaltered the taste characteristics of traditional salt.

  • How much should I use to obtain the same taste of traditional salt?

    The dose of solid IDEALE (Fine or Coarse) is the same as the traditional salt. For liquid IDEALE (Liquid or Spray) we advise that each one try to find the proper amount for their taste. However, the Spray format releases about 0.0050 oz (0.14 g) per spray.

  • Who should consume IDEALE?

    It is a product for everyone because it is intended for those who wish personal wellness and are careful of their diet: mothers who worry about their children, women who wish to avoid cellulitis, sportsmen who wish to improve themselves, food lovers who want to be creative or for those who must follow a controlled sodium diet. Basically, for everyone.

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